6 Signs Your Car Needs Wheel Alignment | Wheel Alignment Symptoms

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Today, with a busy lifestyle ahead, a life without a properly functioning car is unthinkable for most of us. We do need to know about wheel alignment and also the symptoms that may be revealed when your vehicle needs some wheel alignment care. Here we can go into detail to know about the Signs your car needs wheel alignment and then help you take appropriate action. 

Unless a car owner understands what, the bad wheel alignment symptoms are, the maintenance of the vehicle will be very strenuous and time-consuming. 

What are the most important Signs your car needs wheel alignment? 

Here are the best guidelines for you to understand what you need to assess the wheel alignment quality.  So, how do I know if my car needs alignment? There may be quite a bit of hitch and glitches when you drive, but these specific points are what you need to watch out for.

Tip 1: Tread Wear is rugged and uneven

When you check the wheels, it is a good habit to check if all the wheels are having the same level of wear and tear at that moment. It is quite natural that wheels will spoil and depreciate in quality over a period of time. To identify the issue, do this. For instance, if you note that the tires seem to be jagged in shape around the rim, it means that they have been used heavily and need to be changed. It actually goes into a jagged design, when the wheels are not aligned, and the treads happen to move in contrasting angles.

Tip 2: The steering wheel is not centered

This is one of the first signs your car needs wheel alignment, as the steering wheel will seem crooked. It shows that the car wheel alignment is spoilt, and the steering wheel will have to work a lot, to bring the car to its central position. Moreover, if the steering wheel is not centered, then there is a chance of detracting from the lane often.

Tip 3: The vehicle moves in many directions without notice

Talking about bad wheel alignment symptoms, have you ever felt that your car seems to move around in any direction beyond your control? Unarguably, that is a serious problem and needs immediate attention. For this, when the vehicle seems to lose control and traction, it may move across lanes. If this keeps happening more than twice, you need to get the wheel aligned as soon as possible.

Tip 4: Misaligned Tires

In this case, when the tire is misaligned, it will make a strong squeal sound during every turn. This will also happen when you suddenly accelerate and move on a straight road. The sound takes place when the tires happen to be misaligned.  Therefore, be alert and now you know what necessary action you need to take if a tire gets misaligned. 

Tip 5: Heavy wheel vibration

Moving to the next sign of recognizing whether your car needs wheel alignment, is all about how the steering wheel vibrates. If at any point you feel discomfort in the way the vehicle moves, or if the steering wheel is very tough – then that is the sign. When there is a misalignment, it inevitably makes the steering wheel vibrate furiously. So, for this, stop the car at a safe place and then get a car service center expert to check the wheels and other components too at the earliest.

Tip 6: Rigid Steering Wheel

One of the most noticeable bad wheel alignment symptoms is the fact that the steering wheel can get rigid at times. For instance, you may be driving on the road and may want to turn to the left or right. Once your turn is completed, in normal cases, the steering wheel will come back to the center on its own. But if it does not come, then it means that the steering wheel is stuck and cannot come back to the center. So, only if the misaligned wheel is fixed, the steering wheel can be fixed.

How to identify bad wheel alignment symptoms?

Well, if you find that the car is showing up with any of the above mentioned signs or symptoms, then you know the issue. 

Do you that if you spend time to rectify the wheel alignment problems, there are some benefits as follows:

Better Fuel Efficiency

When you focus on the wheel alignment of the vehicle, then it means that you are bound to gain better fuel efficiency. You should understand that good fuel efficiency is directly related to the alignment of the wheels of your car. If properly aligned, then the vehicle will not take a lot of effort to get running properly.

Improve Tire Life

When you can recognize the Signs your car needs wheel alignment, you will be able to know which wheel is misaligned and which can stay in place. This will help to increase the quality and life of the tire for a longer period and reduce the expenses related to this.

Proper check on suspensions

Now, if you are a regular car driver or love to know about car suspensions, this is the right place for you. With proper wheel alignment for your car, you can be pretty sure that this will safeguard your car suspension mechanisms to a large extent. Proper wheels mean better shock absorption and extend the quality of the connected components. This improves the safety of the passengers and the driver will have better control of the vehicle.

To Summarize the Signs of the Wheel Alignment

This kind of check on the signs of the wheel alignment is a commendable way to ensure that preventive maintenance has been done for the wheels. With regular checkups, you can avoid a lot of heavy expenses related to car wheel maintenance in the long run.  

So, what we would suggest is to take some time and check the vehicle. This can help you analyze the real condition of the car. So, what’s next? You need to note the Signs your car needs wheel alignment and fix them at the nearest car service center in the UAE and have a safe day of driving ahead.