10 Tips to Keep in Mind for Protecting Car From Scratches

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Looking for solutions on how to protect your car from any random scratches? You have come to the right place. When you live in the UAE, it means that you do have a fair share of boons to appreciate. At the same time, the harsh weather is something we cannot ignore at all in life. This of course inevitably can affect the look, feel, and lifeline of Vehicles so you need to know more on the Protecting car from scratches in the most practical manner.

Do you know that a well-maintained car can uplift your reputation to a large extent? You need to take care of the car just as much as it has been pampered within the car showroom and at the service centre.  

Every car owner should adhere to the driving measures and the normal upkeep measures. Often, in our busy lifestyle, we tend to forget this and that could lead to car scratches. 

So, now, with a list of easy to follow tips you will know how to protect car from scratches in a fool proof manner. 

So, read below and get your answer. “How can I protect my car from scratches in the UAE?”

If you are ready to follow the expert advice, we have laid out for you, it will be beneficial while taking care of your car.  All these tips are possible for your weekly car maintenance routine.

Tip 1: Daily inspection of car exteriors

A car checkup of the exterior is always good. How to protect car from scratches is often a thought for many people who travel a lot. For this, always give your car a good check after a drive and also before a drive. Here, you can note down if the paint has gone, or a stain has fallen, or perhaps even if a scratch has come. Once you note that, you can easily head off to the nearest service centre and get it addressed.

Tip 2: Do not go for an automatic car wash

At one glance, automatic car washes may sound good and easy to get things quickly. However, in the far end, such services are not good for your car. Whether it is a premium car or a normal daily use car, a scratch is never affordable.  Avoid such automatic establishments as they sometimes have abrasive type cleaner brushes.  Furthermore, they use strong detergents that can dim the paint and sealants in the long run. So, that can result in small scratches too.

Tip 3: Regular car wash is beneficial.

Instead of going for a once-a-month wash, opt for regular weekly washes.  This can help clean any stains or debris, that could lead to scratches or pain spoilage in the long run.  Regular washes with light soap can clean off anything before they become stubborn marks on the car.

Tip 4: Pick the parking spot with care

As part of car maintenance, a good wash is never sufficient. In order to ensure that you are protecting your car from scratches, make sure that you also park the car in safe places. This only means that the parking slots should be clean and not too congested. Plus, try not to park under dried up trees and dangling headlights too. They could fall and cause a scratch on the car.

Tip 5: Drive carefully to protect car from scratches

Just as you park the car in cities and suburban areas, you also need to drive carefully on the roads or even on the off roads.  Keep a careful eye on all your surroundings while you travel. This could include random branches, pillars, roadside vehicles, any construction equipment, etc. So, drive along your route keeping a good clearance space from anything that may seem as an obstacle for you.

Tip 6: Dry your car well after car wash session

If you are wondering on How to protect car from scratches, one more tip that we like to inform is that you need to dry the car after a good wash. Use a soft cloth to wipe away any water, or soap solution drops or stains on the car paint. Often, people may overlook this section and think that a bit of the hot UAE climate can dry it up. But those water drops may dry to form droplet stains on the car. We may tend to scratch off these stains later during the day.  So, instead, wipe them away with a soft microfiber towel and it will be clean.

Tip 7: Protecting car from scratches with good quality car covers

A good car cover is worth investing in when you travel in a car in the UAE.  This layer of protection will cover from heat, and dust that could cause scratches and even dim the paint.

Tip 8: Ceramic coat the car always

 The value of premium quality paint protection is always something that every car owner needs to keep in mind. This adds a fine sheen or rather luster to the paint. Plus, it prevents the paint from being scrapped off quickly and thereby prevents scratches.  Here, a point of mention is that a good ceramic coat can protect the car for about 7 years if used properly.

Tip 9: Protecting car from scratches with quality car protection film

You ought to protect the car with a high quality car protection film as this shields the paint of the car. So, in case there are chances of scratches falling, this film will work on time. Furthermore, this shield can give a classy look, make the paint bright, and prevent any sort of scratches.

Tip 10: Spray on PPF to protect car from scratches

Not many Know about PPF and this is something you ought to use while taking care of the car. This spray on PPF is available only well acclaimed dealers in the UAE. The process is completed by spraying the PPF via a spray gun, and thereby coating the vehicle with an extra layer of protection. 

Wrap Up: Tips to protect your car from scraches

All the above mentioned tips on How to protect the car from scratches will surely give you a fair guideline on taking care of the car in the most cost effective manner. We have including all the steps you can follow on a regular basis and keep the car protected within the harsh climate of the Gulf. Whether you need to wipe the car, spray paint the car with a good paint coating, or even use a wax sealant, always ask your car service center for the best ones in the market.  This routine will surely prevent the car from getting any scratches and also extend the shelf life of the car paint and uplift the look of your vehicle.