Car Interior Tips To Keep Your Car Cool This Summer

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The heat is rising beyond our imagination and the bearable limits? It’s worse when it comes to cars these days. As car experts who understand every aspect of all types of vehicles and specific cars — we do know you need a viable solution for this. With this in mind, we know just how uncomfortable it can get when your car feels like an oven in the summer heat and that is why  Car Interior Tips will be handy for you at this time of the year. 

This time, we have brought in five suggestions from the car experts here to help you protect the car’s temperatures when the summers get unbearable. So, surely, if you follow all of these steps, you can look after the car on a daily basis. You must have read in the news, how overheating the car interiors can damage the components inside and even our personal belongings that we keep inside and get out.  This overheating of car interiors could affect gadgets, smartphones, etc – so it is wise to follow a habit to cool down the car as much as possible. 

Our research has brought in some great car upkeep and maintenance expert tips on keeping your car cool during the days when the temperatures rise a lot. Try them out and let us know what you think about it. 

Tip 1: Use a Reliable Sunshade

This is almost something your car cannot do away with. Trust us, this is such an easy one among the most useful Car Interior Tips, and yet most car owners and drivers miss this one.  A great accessory that does not take up too much space or weight. So, as the saying goes prevention is better than cure- always carry and use a sunshade or window visor for the car – before it heats and spoils the interiors of the car. It reduces the sun rays entry thereby keeping the vehicle at a lower temperature than the normal one outside.

Tip 2: Spot out Shady Parking Areas

A cost-free and wide method is to always spot that shaded area to park your car. Yes, this can take time and may be far away from your destination, but it’s worth it. If you need to get down for a marriage reception, try this method.   You can keep the car in the shade and enjoy your party too. This falls under effective Car interior tips that all car wonders can remember.

Furthermore, parking your car under a shade can help to cover the outer car cover from direct sunlight. Thereby this will prevent the interior from heating up excessively. The tip may seem silly, but the car will be left unharmed for long hours.

Tip 3: Make sure you own a properly serviced car air conditioner

Next, you need to understand that it is important to turn on the air conditioning the right way. First things first, start your car’s engine and adjust the air conditioning to the coolest setting available. If your car allows, make sure to opt for the ‘external’ air setting. You can find this as it is usually indicated by an arrow pointing toward the inside of the car. 

Make sure that your car has having properly serviced air conditioner during the summers. This ensures that cooler air from outside circulates into your car. At this stage, the air outside is likely to be cooler than the air inside your car. To speed up the cooling process,  you can roll down all the windows for a few minutes. This will help when the air conditioning system starts working. Alongside, this can refresh the air inside your car more quickly.

Tip 4: Cover your Steering Wheel and Dashboard

Another one of our practical Car Interior Tips to help your car interiors beat the summer heat is pretty simple. Make sure to cover your dashboard and steering wheel when you leave the car closed and unattended. Even if you are lucky enough to park your car in the shade areas or under trees, please do the same. A good cover will avoid heating these areas. So, you can easily touch them later on during the day. Especially you can touch the steering wheel and start driving without any hassle.

Tip 5: Flush out the hot air

Finally, once all the above steps have been done, we have another easy Car Interior Tips that all can keep in mind. Just as you get into the car first open your windows a bit. Let the hot air escape. Along with this, switch on the air conditioner and let the hot air flush out. Unless this cool air comes in, the air circulation will not begin. This is a good method to follow always. Once you feel the cool air in the air, then you can close the windows and start driving. Such a natural method is cost-effective as it helps cool down the internal temperature of the car.

Wrapping Up: Car Interior Tips

To sum up,  by following these five Car Interior Tips, car owners in Dubai can effectively keep their car interiors cool during the hot summer months. You can try this by using sunshades parking in the shade optimally utilizing dashboard covers and leaving windows slightly open for ventilation. 

Most of these strategies will help to build a stable cool temperature within the car. In addition to this, if you have correctly serviced your car air conditioner, then that can help using your air conditioning system. This can further add to the cooling efficiency. Keeping these techniques in mind, you can ensure a safer and less heated car interior during these hot summers in Dubai.  In case you do face a lot of problems from overheated car interiors, do comment and we can guide you on this further.